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Volunteers Packing Food


We are a church community larder run by volunteers to provide food for people needing help during this difficult time of high inflation and declining incomes. We have been operating since the pandemic in 2020 but have decided to continue to meet the needs of the community.


Anyone can turn up at our larder, pay £4 – cash or card – and receive a bag of
food of their choosing.
We don’t interview people to determine need and we
do not store electronic information on who visits and when. We do ask people
to sign in with a telephone number in order that we can contact them if one of
our supermarket providers issues a food recall notice on grounds of safety.


We collect free food from supermarkets and often also buy food for our customers. We utilise food that might otherwise be wasted. We are run entirely by volunteers. Currently we help feed over 200 people a week.


Each week on a Tuesday from 11.30am - 12.45pm.

There is a cafe beforehand serving tea and coffee providing a space for people to sit and chat whilst they wait to go in. This normally opens around 10.30am.


You can apply to become a volunteer.

We will get back to you with an application form. To run the larder we need to raise about £15,000 a year to cover the difference between our food costs and our income from visitors. If you would like to give a donation, which will allow us to purchase food and equipment for the Community Larder, please donate. 

If you have any queries please email                                                                             

Thanks for your support!

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